We have always set a strong focus on social sustainability and the well-being of our employees. Also in regards to environmental sustainability we have implemented various features for our employees. For instances by offering a forward-thinking mobility concept including a carpool, job bikes, and a corporate ticket for public transport. Our carpool is also becoming greener every day, introducing electric vehicles and fading out diesel vehicles!

Employees bring forward ideas and feedback and engage in our actions through our internal “Greenteam”, which also ensures that projects and measures are carried out jointly across the company.

Through our own Sovereign Academy we offer eco-driving training to our drivers and support the implementation with a number of measures.

Future measures:

  • Roll-out of further eco-driving programs for our drivers via Sovereign Academy
  • Ongoing programs and competitions for employee involvement
  • Ongoing support for climate-friendly mobility concepts for the workforce
  • Ongoing conversion of the company car fleet to battery-electric vehicles