The majority of our offices and warehouses already use renewable electricity, saving hundreds of tons of CO2e emissions per year. We are constantly working on reaching full coverage across all our facilities.

Beyond that, we have installed photovoltaic and latest LED lightning technology in multiple locations. In Frankfurt we teamed up together with LUG, to offer our customers consolidated, resource-friendly airfreight handling, further enhanced by advanced digitalized processes for all our services.

Future measures:

  • Ongoing conversion to LED lighting & smart lighting concepts (warehouse & office)
  • Ongoing expansion of energy-saving heating systems
  • 100% battery-electric forklift trucks (98% reached)
  • 100% green electricity at all European sovereign stations
  • Expansion of direct electricity generation through photovoltaic systems
  • Long-term switch to fossil-free heating systems
  • Ongoing expansion of e-charging infrastructure for cars and trucks