Through consolidating express freight and the dual-use of our vehicles (during the night as network-vehicles and during the day for pre- and on-carriage), our Sovereign Linehaul network provides our customers the perfect, efficient and already envrionmentally friendlier alternative to intra-European airfreight and direct drives – every night and to more than 100 stations in the major European cities.

Customers, especially for contract logistics business, can choose our renewable diesel (HVO100) options to reduce their CO2e emissions by up to 90% on a number of lanes already today.

What’s more, since April 2021 our Linehaul network is climate neutral as we are offsetting its remaining direct and indirect Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions – only one of many steps we take on our way to ZERO!

Climate neutral Network

Furthermore, we offer our Sovereign customers a customised CO2-Reporting for their shipments.